Cooking Classes

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Now YOU Can Cook like an Authentic Moroccan Master Chef!

4 Hour All-Inclusive Cooking Lesson With World Renowned Chef Sentissi

Master the art of Morrocan Cuisine, in this engaging, interactive, information-packed 4 hour course, LIVE with master Chef Sentissi. You will leave with top-secret recipes, masterful tips from Chef Sentissi himself, and your fresh-made food to share with your friends and family! Let the Cumin-Filled Magic 8-Ball determine your destiny (at least for this class) as the menu for the course is generated at random. You may be glazing slow-roasted legs of lamb in honey, or over-stuffing gyros with succulently seasoned meat!


You will be guided to prepare an authentic Morrocan Appetizer, Entrée, and desert, in this invigorating 4-hour culinary course! Enter the Delicious World of Moroccan Cuisine and come back a Master in your own right, with unique recipes that will last you a lifetime, and be submersed in Moroccan culture and history while learning about the healing benefits of spices like Saffron, which aids in digestion, reduces stomach aches, and keeps 80’s pop hits from getting stuck in diners’ heads! you taste eight different Moroccan wines. All elements come together to take you directly to Morocco in this Unbelievable 4-Hour Course


What You Get: Authentic Moroccan Recipes -Appetizer and Entrée to Keep -4 Hours of Hands-On Training with Master Chef Sentissi -Learn About Morrocon Culture and History -Learn About Healing Properties of Moroccan Herbs & Spices -Wine Tasting of 8 Moroccan Wines Classes Held Sundays from 10AM-2PM Only $200 per person (all ingredients, equipment, and insurance included) ENTER MOROCCO!! REGISTER NOW!!

Moroccan Cooking ClassAbout Class: Introduction to authentic Moroccan Cuisine, Spices and History – Class to include the creation of 1 appetizer and 1 entree of authentic Moroccan cuisine. – Each session will have a new exciting and delicious appetizer and entree – Each person will take their Moroccan food and recipe’s home from each session – Individual hands on training with Chef Sentissi – All ingredients, equipment & insurance included – Sundays from 10AM-2PM – $200 per person ($50/hr)




Saffron-Cafe-17About The Chef:  Chef Sentissi, often described as a modern day Renaissance Man, is not only a fresh food enthusiast with a passion for nurturing you with his very tasty and artful array of herbs and spices (concocting memorable and nourishing inventions like his famous Spicy Orange & Avocado) but also a lover of art, music, science, metaphysics, health and healing. Read More

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